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Beverage & Dessert Catering

No meal is complete without these two components!


Beverages and Desserts are very possibly the best two parts of the meal!

A fantastic tea latte or cocoa, a hot or iced tea or an intriguing tea cocktail and a sinfully delicious tea inspired dessert to top off the meal of a lifetime!  Sweet Tea Factory promotes “deliciously fresh food” with emphasis on professional service. We embrace our clients’ needs by adapting to requests. We are always learning new menu ideas and ways to do things better for our customers.

There is nothing more southern, and nothing more hospitable than good ole’ sweet tea,  the “House Wine ”of the South!  Whether you want to serve it hot or on the rocks!  Sweet Tea Factory is able to accommodate your request with over 37 blends that are also customizable if you so desire.  You are sure to find the perfect tea for your special  occasion.  Our mobile tea store creates a fun and festive environment adding to your unique experience.

We offer many gluten free and dairy free options for sorbet’s popsicle’s and slushy’s.  Our blends are so smooth and creamy you will believe they are made with milk and cream.  We also offer options that include organic milk and organic cream.  We only use unrefined-non GMO- minimally processed cane sugar, filtered water and our delicious natural teas to make our dessert flavors. Real Ingredients, No Chemical Additives and No Hidden Toxins.  You can choose from our standard menu options or we can customize blends and flavors.
Our Sorbet’s and Popsicles are made with state of the art equipment that elevates ordinary cooking to culinary excellence.  We are able to ‘micro-puree’ fresh, deep-frozen teas into naturally fresh ice creams and sorbets with intensive flavours, natural colours and vital nutrients that are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions.

Our Mocktail Tea Bar includes tea blends that mimic popular cocktails.  Choose from any one of our 9 Mocktail blends to create a fun and festive beverage and dessert alternative such as a sorbet, a slushy, a popsicle or a hot and iced tea, latte or cocoa!


Call us at 404-447-1240 or email info@sweetteafactory.com for more information.


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