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Flavored Teas

Flavored tea is a name given to any tea that is enhanced with a complementing flavor. Sweet Tea Factory only uses natural flavor essence and whole spices. We never use chemicals or any other unnatural additives. Popular Flavored Teas include  Peach Tea and our Coconut Oolong.

There are essentially two ways of making flavored tea. The first is by adding whole pieces of fruits and spices. Our ChaSpice is an example of this because it uses big pieces cloves, cinnamon and whole cardamom seeds. The second way of making flavored tea is by using flavor essence. Flavor essence is made by extracting the oils and flavors of a  product naturally. An example of this is Earl Grey Tea which uses a bergamot extract and not pieces of bergamot.

Flavored Teas are as healthy as the tea it uses. In fact, some flavored teas may be considered healthier than regular tea since it contains certain botanicals. An example of this is our Robust White which includes botanicals that have their own health benefits. When you combine this with the healthy aspects of tea you get a ridiculously healthy beverage.

Flavored teas first appeared over 100 years ago. The first flavored tea is believed to be Jasmine Tea, which is scented with Jasmine flowers. The most popular Flavored Tea is Earl Grey Tea, which was originated in the late 1800’s as a gift to the 2nd Earl of Grey. With modern flavoring technology and easy access to exotic spices, flavored teas have become tremendously popular over the past few decades.

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