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Green Teas

Quality Green Tea starts with a quality tea leaf. Our Green Teas have a large leaf with a bright green color that glistens slightly in direct sunlight. Our big tea leaves give you a depth of flavor that is not found in small, brittle tea leaves or even tea dust you find in tea bags.

Green Tea is slightly oxidized giving its famous green color. What this means is the tea leaves are plucked and almost immediately heated to stop the leaves from oxidizing and turning color. This gives Green Tea a light and almost vegetal flavor that is prized across the world.

Green Tea mainly comes from two countries, Japan and China. Japanese Green Tea is famous for steaming their tea, giving a brighter and savory flavor. Chinese Green Tea is often roasted, giving its tea a heavier body and a bit more sweetness. Both China and Japan drink more green tea than any other type of tea due to its delicate flavor and aroma.

Green Tea is one of the only natural sources of ECGC, a compound shown to prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots. Other studies have shown that Green Tea is good for preventing arthritis, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and boosting immunity. View our blog for more information and studies about the health benefits of Green Tea.

Caffeine levels in Green Tea are low. A cup of Green Tea will have roughly 25 mg per serving, about 1/5 the amount as a cup of coffee. Hojicha, a Japanese Green Tea, has about 10 mg of caffeine per serving, making it the equivalent of a cup of decaf coffee.

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