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Oolong Teas

Tea farmers have a unique way of processing oolong teas. First they pluck the leaves, and then they wilt them in the sun. They then shake the tea leaves in large baskets to bruise them and start the oxidation process. It is this oxidation process that makes this style of tea so special. Some oolong teas are lightly oxidized making them taste and look more like green tea. Others are more heavily oxidized giving them a heavier body and a flavor closer to black tea.

Oolong Teas come from two different countries, China and Taiwan. The two most acclaimed growing regions in China are the Fujian and Guangdong Provinces. Taiwan grows its famous oolongs country wide, but many of their famous teas come from the mountains.

These are many health claims associated with Oolong Tea, including the reduction of cholesterol, treatment of digestive disorders, prevention of heart disease, boosting your immune system and weight loss. Weight loss has been the most popular health benefit over the past few years, with studies showing that drinking these teas every day can shed up to 8 lbs. a year.

The caffeine content of Oolong Tea can be from medium to high. If the tea has a greener color, then the caffeine will be lower. If the tea looks closer to a black tea, than it will be higher in caffeine.

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