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Put Some Sizzle in your Drizzle! With our Jalapeno Honey and our Chipotle Glaze!
Jalapeno Honey
  Use it to make honey butter, honey vinaigrette dressing, glazed carrots. Use it in place of regular honey when cooking or grilling. 
Jalapeno Glaze:
This sweet and succulent glaze can be added to just about anything. Use it as a secret ingredient for spiced up barbeque or any sauce when cooking or grilling.
Use the jalapeno honey and/or glaze as a finishing sauce on seafood, pork, chicken, ham, or ribs. Drizzle over hummus, deviled eggs, egg rolls, wontons, or dumplings. Add them to chili, cheese dips, even spaghetti or marinara sauces for a sweeter spicier flair.

Our local honey is 100% local pure raw honey, the best nature can provide.  Honey is fat-free, gluten free, cholesterol-free & has no sodium (salt). Honey contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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