Cranberry Breeze Tea Cocktail Infusion Kit (16oz)

Cranberry Breeze
Makes 8-16 Cocktails
Cranberry Breeze tastes just like the Holidays and reminiscence of the famous Cosmopolitan Cocktail!  Deliciously tart and sweet, add Tequila, Vodka or Gin to this mix of tart and sweet fruits and citrus. Once infused, add to your favorite mixer or drink straight up!  

Infuse for 12 hours, shake gently, strain and pour.  Can be infused a second time for 10 hours using the additional sugar packet included.

You are in for a tealicious flavor explosive experience.

Suggested Spirits: Tequila, Vodka or Gin

What's Inside?
Cranberry Breeze Tea, Lime Slices, Lemon, Slices, Hibiscus, Cherries and Cranberries, Rock Sugar. 100% Real, all Natural Ingredients.

Alcohol Not Included.

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