Southern Comfort Peach Oolong (3.5oz)

Southern Comfort Peach Oolong (3.5oz)

This elegant spin on a Southern American favorite is comprised of the darker, more oxidized oolongs of Taiwan, long green leaves of creamy oolong that are known for having lush, playful flavors. Deeply floral, honey, and juicy, it's not uncommon to have a lovely cup that's almost like a succulent slice of peach.  Because of its simple sweetness, you will enjoy this delicious tea hot or iced.

Green Oolong Tea | Moderate caffeine | Steep at 195° for 1-2 minutes | up to 60 servings

Southern Comfort Peach Oolong (3.5oz)

Precio habitual $15.00 / 1oz of tea makes 12 cups
  • Fragrant and sweet like a perfectly ripe fruit, with a smooth astringency and lingering floral aroma that produces a tasty, light Peach Oolong tea and is finished with a touch of creaminess.
  • Moderate (40mg)
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