Is Loose Tea Expensive?

Is Loose Tea Expensive?

There is a sneaky little misconception that people have when it comes to tea. A lot of people that are new to loose tea feel like it is expensive. While “expensive” is a very subjective term, I believe that most people need to be informed about the cost of tea before they can judge if it is pricey. The best way to do this is to break it down to the cost per serving.   


How to measure a serving of tea

The technical way to measure a serving of tea is to weigh out 2.5 grams, which is the ideal amount to use in a 6oz cup of tea. If you don’t want to mess with scales and weighing your tea, 2.5 grams is roughly a heaping teaspoon of tea.


A pound of tea has 181 servings

I am going to do some math here so please bear with me. A pound has 453 grams in it. So, if a tea serving is 2.5 grams, then a pound has 181 servings in it (divide 453 by 2.5).


Divide the cost of a pound of tea by 181

Let's say your favorite tea costs $50 a lb. While $50 may seem like a lot of money at first, when you divide it by 181 you will see that a serving of this tea costs 28¢ per serving.

How does tea compare?

Let's look at what other beverages cost at the grocery store and break them down to cost per serving:

  • Bottled water – 25¢ per 8oz bottle

  • Orange Juice – 36¢ per 8oz cup

  • Starbucks Coffee (brewed at home) – 27¢ per cup

  • Diet Coke – 24¢ per 12oz can   


As a tea fanatic, I would much rather spend 28¢ on some great tea rather then save a few cents and buy a soft drink, which has no nutritional value. On top of the crazy health benefits that tea provides, it is also a much tastier option. So, if $50/lb. of loose tea seems expensive, just remind yourself that it is about the same price as other beverages you wouldn't bat an eyelash at when buying!