About Us

our story

We are a local family-owned company.

Our story begins in the south, with a single glass of home made iced tea. We thought that making a good pot of iced tea on a hot summer day was the epitome of living a good life. We grew up drinking tea concoctions, which we served guests because it was the hospitable thing to do.

Little did we know, we were on track to turning our passion and love for tea into a business. After all, who doesn't love sweet tea, especially in the south. We not only loved tea, but granny and mama were the best cooks on earth at the time, and we blossomed into foodies without even realizing how developed our palates had became.

sweet tea sorbet

First came fun and tasty tea blends ... then came infusions of tea into cuisine, starting with desserts. Now there is an array of tea infused products.  TeaSpice Rubs, Tea inspired sauces, glazes and honeys. Appetizers and entrees inspired by Asian flavors with a southern twist and tea infusions.