Our Story

We are a local family-owned company.


Our story begins in the south, with a visit to the World Tea Expo in 2006!  It was love at first scent and taste ... we became obsessed with tea and the fascinating world of this single plant.  We thought our little pitcher or glass of home made iced tea on a hot summer day was the epitome of living right. We grew up drinking tea concoctions, which we offered up to visitors because it was the hospitable thing to do.

Little did we know, we would feel such passion and love for tea.  What better way to share this passion with others, but through a business. After all, who doesn't love sweet tea, especially in the south. We enjoyed making tea at home, and we were under the influence of nana and mama who were the BEST cooks on earth at the time.  We blossomed into foodies without even realizing how developed our palates had became.

sweet tea sorbet

First came fun and tasty tea blends ... then came infusions of tea into food with spices made with tea, and frozen desserts with popsicles, sorbet and ice cream made with tea. Now there is an array of tea infused products including, TeaSpice Rubs, Tea inspired sauces, glazes and honeys and Tea Cocktail Infusion Kits!  We are not stopping there, stay tuned for more great tea innovations to come!!

Tea Lovers!