STF Home

Unique finds reimagined!
Yes, we are a tea company, and we are creators that love design!  Our creativity cup has spilled over and we are sharing our passions for the home with you.  We will always enjoy a spot of tea as we revitalize discarded items, giving them a fresh new look. Our focus is on finding high-quality goods with solid foundations. Whether it's giving them a thorough cleaning and polish to restore their shine and charm or maintaining their classic appeal, we're dedicated to breathing new life into each piece.

There's inherent value and allure in items that have aged or served their original purpose. We love to rejuvenate these treasures and reintroduce them into usefulness. Not only does this process breathe new life into forgotten objects, but it also contributes to reducing waste—we live in the no-waste zone.

Stay tuned for our upcoming collection of remarkable finds, thoughtfully priced and ready to find their next loving home!