Balance (4oz)

Balance (4oz)

The most widely celebrated tea in Asia, this mysterious tea is aged in secret caves for several years where it takes on a sweet, earthy aroma. Its health benefits to you are immeasurable. The Chinese believe it is good for digestion, making it great to drink after overindulging on a big meal. Ingredients: Aged Pu’erh Tea.

Good quality pu-erh tea has a deep, rich flavor that many consider being earthy or mushroomy. Bad quality pu-erh often tastes muddy or moldy. Good quality pu-erh often appeals to coffee drinkers and pairs well with rich desserts. The flavor and reputed health benefits of pu-erh tea also make it a great option for drinking as a digestif after a heavy meal; indeed, in China and Hong Kong, it is often consumed during and after heavy or greasy meals, like dim sum.

Black Tea | High caffeine | Steep at 212° for 2-4 minutes  up to 75 servings

Pu-erh Tea's Health Benefits

In traditional Chinese herbalism, pu-erh tea is considered to open the meridians, 'warm the middle burner' (the spleen and stomach), and may be beneficial to 'blood cleansing' and digestion. For these reasons, it is often consumed after heavy meals or drunk as a hangover cure / preventative.

Some studies have shown that pu-erh may lower cholesterol, may lower blood pressure, and may increase metabolism. Pu-erh is occasionally touted as a 'diet tea,' but like all teas, I don't recommend consuming it as a magical weight loss tool, but rather as an enjoyable part of a healthy diet.

Question: Some people find that drinking good quality pu-erh tea can induce a state known as 'tea drunkenness.' I've heard people talk about getting 'tea drunk.' I know they don't mean 'drunk' like a drunk on alcohol, but I'm not sure I get what it means to be 'tea drunk.' Is it like a caffeine buzz or what?

Answer: Outside of alcoholic tea drinks (like tea cocktails or tea-infused spirits), tea does not contain alcohol. However, it is said to sometimes induce a state that is akin to an alcohol buzz.


Pu-erh tea is derived from the large leaf variety of the camellia Sinensis plant from where green tea, black tea, and oolong tea are also obtained. The term "pu-erh" is taken from the Pu-erh county in the Yunnan province of China where the tea is produced. The best pu-erh tea is said to be produced in a group of famous mountains in Yunnan that are renowned for their climate and environment.

Pu-erh tea is usually aged and consumed several years after its production. The older the tea, the more valuable it gets. Like a good wine, pu-erh tea ought to be slowly drunk while the leaves settle down in the cup.

Pu erh tea is available either in loose-leaf form or in compacted cake form (also known as a brick). The cake form of pu-erh tea usually attracts a lot of attention from tea collectors as many of the older teas are traditionally done in this form.

When aged well, pu-erh tea produces a pleasant-tasting drink that is often served in Chinese restaurants after heavy meals. Its fat-breaking abilities are recognized by the Chinese people and the tea is often considered the perfect drink to complement an oil and fat-laden feast.

Pu-erh tea typically takes on a dark, strong brown color that's almost akin to that of black tea, but possesses a somewhat mellower, liquor-like flavor.

Pu-erh tea may possess many of the antioxidant qualities found in green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. Pu-erh tea may contain polyphenols that attack free radicals in the body to help ensure protection against a host of diseases.

The following are the attributes of pu-erh tea:

    •    Pu-erh tea may help lower blood cholesterol levels.
    •    Pu-erh tea may help boost the flow of blood and help enhance circulation.
    •    Pu-erh tea may help inhibit the formation and growth of cancer cells.
    •    Pu-erh tea may aid in the proper digestion of food.
    •    Pu-erh tea may help invigorate the spleen.
    •    Pu-erh tea may help break down and thus reduce fat in the system.
    •    Pu-erh tea may help remove toxins.
    •    Pu-erh tea may help heal aches and pains.


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Balance (4oz)

Precio habitual ¥3,537 / 1oz of tea makes 12 cups
  • Pu-erhs are the only tea that is intentionally fermented in special caves in China giving it a deep, earthy flavor that coats your tongue and helps relax your mind. But be warned, the unique aged flavor is not for everyone. It seems people either obsess about Pu-erh or try to avoid it with just as much enthusiasm.
  • High (59mg)
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