ChaiCurry Tea Spice/Rub

ChaiCurry Tea Spice/Rub
ChaiCurry Tea Spice/Rub
ChaiCurry Tea Spice/Rub

Our spice recipes and our spices are made by us using as many local ingredients we can find.  Our original ChaiCurrySpice rub consists of a blend of black and green teas from the Himalayas of Northern India, an exotic and aromatic treat.  This blend of chai tea, sea salt, cumin, white pepper, garlic powder, and various curry is great on meats, seafood, and vegetables. Use as a spice rub, BBQ rub, or marinade.  Due to the naturally occurring tannins in tea, these rubs act as natural tenderizers.  Excellent for succulent juicy dishes.  We caution you to only marinade your meats overnight, do not marinade veggies or seafood for longer than a couple of hours or the tannins in the tea will turn them to practically mush!  Enjoy!

ChaiCurry Tea Spice/Rub

Precio habitual ¥1,929 / 1oz of tea makes 12 cups
  • Spicy and savory with intense flavors
  • High (59mg)
  • Great on chicken, turkey, beef, pork, potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, etc ...
No Harmful Chemicals... Period

Organic is just the beginning. We investigate each tea to ensure purity

No GMOs or Modified Ingredients

We never use GMO’s, irradiation,or synthetic preservatives

No “Natural” or Artificial Flavors

We only use real ingredients. Not chemical filled flavorings