Local Georgia Honey - (Bee Stick Not Included) (8oz)

Local Georgia Honey - (Bee Stick Not Included) (8oz)

Our Local Wildflower/OrangeBlossom Honey has a sweet medium to full-bodied flavor that is fast to enhance any breakfast, dessert, or whenever sugar is used!  It is the best honey for allergies because of the dozens of diverse flowers and trees from which the honey bees gather nectar.

WILDFLOWER: It is usually light to dark amber in color.   However, color and flavor will vary from season to season and year to year depending on the weather and the most abundant plants and trees producing nectar.  This wildflower honey has an unusual extra light amber color because of the abundant nectar from wild blackberries, black gum, and locust trees along with an unusual lack of nectar from tulip poplar tree (which darkens wildflower honey).  The beehives made an excellent sweet nutty wildflower honey that is dark amber in color due to ample nectar from Sumac blossoms.

ORANGE BLOSSOM: During Early Spring in the Florida Orange Groves, the Wonderful Fragrant Smell of Orange Tree Blossoms fill the air.  Honey bees quickly begin harvesting their sweet nectar to make one of the World’s Most Popular Honey, Orange Blossom Honey.  It is a very unique, Fruity, and sweet honey, and it's our Favorite Honey! 

Its medium-bodied fruity flavor is sometimes described as citrus and its color can vary from extra light amber to white.

This honey comes from a bee farm.

Local Georgia Honey - (Bee Stick Not Included) (8oz)

Precio habitual ¥1,447 / 1oz of tea makes 12 cups
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