For those of you who love cocktails, but can't or don't want to have alcohol, the answer is MOCKTAILS! Colorful and full of flavor, mocktails give you all the fun of a cocktail with none of the bite. Even if you enjoy cocktails, you’ll love mocktails just as much!
MOCKTAILS are beverages that mimic cocktails but do not contain any alcohol. These non-alcoholic beverages are teas and tisanes that are great for serving the entire family and a nice alternative for party guests who prefer not to drink alcohol.  Sweet Tea Factory™ offers 9 varieties of mocktails full of body and flavor for your enjoyment. If you are in pursuit of the perfect mocktail, try one or try them all! Our Mocktails are sold individually or as a complete set including all 9 varieties. Enjoy these delicious refreshments featuring various famous and popular cocktail flavors! These blends offer a unique opportunity to incorporate a healthy beverage into any festive occasion!