Become a Mixologist Overnight!

Create delicious, easy-to-make artisan cocktails. Fill jar with alcohol, let stand for 12 hours, shake gently and strain before serving. Each infusion makes about 8 pours. Jar can be infused a second time for an additional 8 pours. Most kits infuse well with vodka, gin, tequila, rum, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, or wine. For a non-alcohol beverage you can always just add hot water!

Drink straight up or add a splash of soda, juice, and/or tonic or your favorite mixer. It’s as tealicious as it is appealing. Sealed in a glass jar, it's perfect for gifts and gatherings.

Shelf life: 1 year. Once infused, enjoy within 30-days.

Perfect as a gift that keeps on giving for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding, brides and grooms gifts, retirement, promotion, graduation, new home owner, best friend, new job, girl’s night, party favor, or as a treat for yourself.

We also private label, and offer custom labels for those special occasions to make them even more memorable.

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