SmokiTea Spice/Rub

Our spice recipes and our spices are made by us using as many local ingredients we can find.  A combination of our finest Smoki Black Teas. Our Luxury Souchong has a delicate hint of sweetness and smoky pine that balances the bold smoked flavour of our Lapsang Souchong.  There's a specific regional pine needle that is used in the traditional production of lapsang & bohea originating in the northwest corner of the Fujian Provence.  Origin authenticity is key to superior quality.  This blend of teas along with a medley of peppers and smoked sea salt will add enormous smoki flavouring to your grilled, sautéed, baked meats, seafood and/or vegetables.  Use as a spice rub, BBQ rub, or marinade.  Due to the naturally occurring tannins in tea, these spice rubs act as natural tenderizers.  Excellent for succulent juicy dishes.  We caution you to only marinade your meats overnight, do not marinade veggies or seafood for longer than a couple of hours or the tannins in the tea will turn them to practically mush!  Enjoy!

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